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Process Equipment

As a world leading manufacturer of aeration equipment and systems Aeration Industries International, Inc. (AIII) solves a variety of water and wastewater treatment problems using state-of-the-art technology and more than thirty years of worldwide field experience. 
The Company’s product line includes customized oxidation ovals, package plants, surface aerators, mixers & DAF systems to meet the strictest NPDES permits.

Online Engineering of Cincinnati, Ohio has been supplying quality equipment to the wastewater treatment industry since 1988. Our products include valves, piping, gear boxes, aeration systems, telescopic valves, rotary sludge valves, scum skimmer pipes, swivel joints, swivel pipe assemblies, airlift pumps, diffusers, hoists and control systems.

Screens/Grinders/Grit Removal

The Acme ACRS Automatic Scraper Strainer is a motorized unit designed for the continuous removal of suspended solids from intake, process and wastewater flows.

Wastewater treatment equipment supplied by Fairfield Service Company offers complete solutions for both municipal and industrial water and wastewater management. Fairfield equipment is proudly made in the U.S.A. complying with international quality standards and meeting exact requirements and expectations of its customers. Fairfield Service Company has become one of the fastest growing companies in this field.

WSG & Solutions, Inc. has been founded with the fundamental goal of continuous customer satisfaction in order to enhance it’s market leader position for the supply of Link-Belt®, Rex® and CSO municipal and industrial wastewater, screening and grit products.

Solids Handling

Chemical storage and feed systems

Belt conveyors, screw conveyors (shafted and shaftless), bucket elevators, drag conveyors and pneumatic conveying

Lime/ sludge stabilization systems and mixers. 
Headworks products

Deskins Quick-Dry Filter Beds are blazing the trail in water recovery and re use. The low operational cost, low energy use, small carbon footprint and water/resource recovery makes Deskins the ultimate in “Green Technology’ and is a sustainable choice for solids handling in water/wastewater,industrial and agriculture.


Since our inception in 1950, General Rubber Corp has designed and developed a wide range of mechanical rubber products used in the most demanding applications. We are pleased to introduce our three leading brands here.

Maxi-Joint represents our comprehensive line of expansion joints, flexible connectors, rubber flanged hoses and related accessories, as well as spray shields and penetration seals. These products provide critical functions in piping and ducting systems including absorbing thermal movements, ground settlement, misalignment, noise, vibration and shock. 
Flex-Valve represents our state of the art line of pinch valves, pressure isolation rings and duck bill check valves. These products are uniquely suited for slurries and other difficult fluids, and can out perform alternative products 10 to1. They are abrasion and corrosion resistant, non-clogging, maintenance free and can even seal drop tight around solids.
SoundZorber represents our complete line of noise and vibration control products, as well as seismic restraints. Our resilient mounts, hangers and pads can virtually eliminate objectionable noise and vibration. Our seismic cable and snubber restraints are designed to protect both life and property in the event of an earthquake.


Fabri-Valve® products are proven performers for handling process fluids for the pulp and paper, chemical, petroleum, refining, mining, waste water, power, oil sands, and marine industries.

Chemical Feed/Disinfection

Acrison – an innovative global leader in dry solids metering and handling technologies for more than 40 years.

BNR is the authorized distributor for Evoqua Wallace & Tiernan® Chemical Feed products. We maintain shop, service and parts inventory on 24 hour availability for our customers, which allows us to accomplish our mission and meet your requirements.

At Force Flow, we do not take a “One size fits all” approach to your chemical monitoring needs. We have developed many different types of instrument systems so you can match your exact requirements. With multiple choices available in each of our five instrument categories, you can rest assured that we have the specific equipment you need.

Emergency Shutoff Systems and Hazardous Gas Detectors

Standard products include fluoride and ammonia feed systems, lime slakers, packaged odor control systems, and emergency chlorine scrubbers.

Ironbrook Partners manufactures operator friendly Ultraviolet Disinfection equipment. No fancy bells or whistles to fail, but simple plug in and walk away technology. Over 30 years of experience has taught us what lasts in the field and what doesn’t in all climates around the world.


Liquid Metronics Incorporated (LMI) is the leading manufacturer of Chemical Metering Pumps, Controllers, and accessories. Our trademark yellow and black products are the standard for water treatment professionals around the world. LMI manufactures a wide range of electronic and motor-driven metering pumps and controllers for simple chemical addition, to complete systems to control conductivity, pH, and ORP.

Evoqua Water Technologies is a leader in water and wastewater treatment products, systems and services for industrial and municipal customers. We offer a wide range of proven product brands and advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies, mobile and emergency water supply solutions and service contract options.

In locations across the nation and around the world, PureLine’s patented and proven high-purity Chlorine Dioxide generation equipment is enhancing the safety, reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the water treatment process.

At UGSI Chemical Feed, we provide some of the most trusted brands and products in the chemical metering and feed industry – many of which have roots that date back over 30 years. We’ve taken those reliable and tested designs and improved them to keep pace with today’s materials and control options. These brands include: PolyBlend® Polymer Feed Systems, Encore® Pumps and Liquid Feed Systems, UGSI Dry Chemical Feed Systems, Varea-Meter® Variable Area Flowmeters.

Wallace & Tiernan® and Stranco® are registered trademarks of Evoqua Water Technologies LLC.


Gardner Denver® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of positive displacement and centrifugal blowers, exhausters and vacuum pumps, industrial vacuum systems, blower control and monitoring systems and engineered packaged solutions all backed by extensive local and factory aftermarket products and service support. Gardner Denver® Blower Solutions serve customers worldwide in numerous air and gas applications such as wastewater treatment, dry and chemical bulk hauling, landfill and digester gas, pneumatic conveying, industrial vacuum systems, commercial carpet cleaning, combustion and process air and many more. Our product lines represent a proven history and reputation for quality, dependability and performance and include CycloBlower®, DuroFlow®, Hoffman®, Invincible®, Lamson®, Sutorbilt®, TurboTron® and Wittig®.

Chemical Scrubbers/Odor Control

The Indoor Air Quality Specialists
How it Works
See how the Aerisa Systems can clean your air completely.
Do your facilities suffer from ‘sick building’ syndrome? Aerisa eliminate odors and remove toxins in the airspace. Our customers include industrial waste water treatment plants, airports, arenas, casinos and commercial offices.

Complimentary Products

Airvac vacuum sewers are a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gravity and pressure sewer systems providing low maintenance, efficient and reliable sewage collection. Airvac® is considered to be the industry standard as both the U.S. EPA and the Water Environment Federation featured Airvac in their published technical manuals.


Enviropax is a manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment equipment for municiple and industrial markets, specializing in the production of mixing and enhanced settling equipment.

Fluid handling products including Masterflex* and FH Series peristaltic tubing pumps, Enviroflex* peristaltic hose pumps, Air Cadet* air/vacuum pumps, and Gilmont* flowmeter.

Unifilt Corporation specializes in the manufacture and supply of anthracite filter coal, filter sand, filter gravel, and high density material (ilmenite and garnet). Unifilt’s superior products meet or exceed AWWA B100 and NSF standard 61.

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